Paul Rudolf: Umbrella House

1953 | Florida, USA

The Sarasota School of Architecture, which is a regional style of post-war Architecture that emerged on Floridas Central West Coast, considers Paul Rudolf and his work which was known for its use of concrete and complex layouts. The Umbrella House, in Sarasota Florida, was designed in 1953 and was widely admired which helped secure the reputation of the young architect who would go on to be the dean if the Yale School of Architecture and internationally recognised. The house itself was commissioned by Philip Hiss as part of his Lido Shores development. The 2-storey living-dining space had balconies and bridges above leading to bedrooms at either end of the property. The roof was constructed in wooden slat which provided cooling and shading, and continued out over the pool and outside terrace, which gave to its 'Umbrella House' name. Not long after in 1966, Hurricane Alma destroyed the roof. The house was purchased in 2005 by Designers Vincent and Julie Ciulla, and has since undergone a full renovation.